Nadání a dovednosti o.p.s. // Talent and Skills o.p.s.

We prepare young adults in children’s homes and foster care for workforce readiness. Through career counseling, internships, vocational education, employment training, job placement and financial literacy we nurture success in their personal and professional lives.

We have a clear aim, we want these children to succeed in their private and professional life.

Our numbers:

  • 507 members of the project;
  • 48 cooperating children´s homes;
  • 11 regions of Czech Republic involved.

Main projects:

  • the project Rozhled (Perspective) is focused on motivation, choice of high scholl and labor market (contracts, CV, job interview, excursion or intership etc...);
  • in the project Happy End we emphasize on the intense individual support;
  • the Můj byt (My House) is a donation program in which children receive facility to their house;
  • students of the chef´s field have the opportunity to participate in the KUlinary project;
  • thanks to the LONDON Job&Fun project children can work in the UK;
  • through the Burza práce (Job Offers) we try to get a good job for children. 

How you can support us?

  • Financial support - DONATE.
  • Buy the czech-english game with words (mum, dad, support etc...) DOMINO for 199CZK.
  • Volunteering. 

Contact us: 

Telephone: +420 601 026 343


Adress: Klimentská 1246/1, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic

Number of our transparent account: 107-7444850227/0100
IBAN: CZ3601000001072573200287



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